The Ballet Centre- Dancing for 30 years!

The Ballet Centre was born in a long, narrow studio on a tiny street in El Paso, Texas in 1983. A freshly retired professional dancer, David Alejandro Duran, inherited the school from Ingeborg Heuser with only nine students. In just one year, as the school’s owner and Director, enrollment expanded by nearly three times and its first recital was offered to the public, free of charge. The Ballet Centre’s first recital set a standard for the school that showed its students that dreams can come to life. Recitals have maintained that level of excellence, technical focus and care for handmade beauty through out the school’s thirty years.
The Ballet Centre provides the highest level of training in classical dance technique to people 4 years and up; instilling in dancers a love for the performing arts and a commitment to reaching their highest physical and mental potential. The Ballet Centre provides the public with access to original dance works, staged to perfection with handmade costumes and original set designs. Dancers have the opportunity throughout their years at the Ballet Centre to cultivate their dreams with grace, dedication and artistry.
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Classes are open to students age 4 and up, six days a week. With classes offered for all levels of experience, you are sure to find the perfect fit!